I wonder how many people who read this blog believe in the law of attraction? I never even knew about it till I met Susan, we watched the DVD “The Secret together years ago. I really believe that everything that happens good and bad you attract into your life. Anyway this blog wasn’t really about the law of attraction, however the documentary you are about to watch I believe I attracted.

Shortly after the opening of Cloud 9 I bought myself a passion planner, a passion planner is this really cool vision board and diary in one. So one of the 1st things you have to do is make a wish list. The 1st thing I ever put on there was “get Me and Susan on the TV”. A day later we were contacted by some university students who had to create a documentary about a local business, we could not believe, then Susan was invited onto the TV show Chatty Lasses WOW! We were so excited. I have told Susan I have written down that one day we will end up on Celebrity Juice, I have no idea how, I am just going to continue visualising us doing it.  Come to think of it when Susan and I first met we wrote a list of famous people we will see and Keith Lemon is on the list ha ha!

I love DR Wayne Dyer he is so amazing I listen to his audio books everyday. He says in his audio books that everything is the world is already here, there isn’t anything knew, if you want something you just have to align it into your life, he explains imagine yourself already doing it or having it. Don’t think about how you will get there or get it cause once the universe knows what you want it will present you with an opportunity.

Anyway, here is our mini documentary made by Sunderland University students. I hope you enjoy.

Ps… Get the popcorn out

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