Want to change your life? Have something to pick you up when you’re feeling a little low or need a boost? Wake up every morningvolcanic-black-sand-beach-1-1389541 and within a minute feel happy, energised and ready to take on the world. Get your self a Gratitude Rock!

I found mine 3 years ago whilst on holiday in Santorini, a beautiful Greek island which I’d recommend to anyone by the way if you’re looking for some sun in an idilic setting. Walking along a black, volcanic beach on the Southern edge of the small island I found my perfect Gratitude Rock. I’m not sure on the legalities of my bringing back my rock to the UK but I’ll have to ignore that for the time being and also just for clarification the beach had literally millions of these rocks on it so I don’t think I’ve damaged the island in any way. For reference the locals were collecting bagfuls of them and selling them a mile down the road in a more touristy spot just as a pretty volcanic rock thingy – anyway I digress.

In a morning when I wake up my Gratitude Rock is sitting on my bedside table. The first thing I do is reach over and pick it up, close my eyes for a minute and it works its magic. I then carry it with me all day. It’s only small, weighs virtually nothing (as it’s volcanic) and just sits in my pocket. Whenever I put my hand in my pocket for my car keys or whatever it may be, I feel my Gratitude Rock and again it works its magic. If I’m feeling down or unsure during the day I once more reach for it and pretty quickly┬áI’m back on track.

“I can’t go galavanting off to some Greek island to pick myself one of these rocks”, I hear you cry, “are you mad?” – no, I am not.

You can find one anywhere! In your garden, whilst on a walk through the countryside, at the beach, in fact almost anywhere you might find a stone or a rock. All you need to do is find a small rock or stone that’s a few centimetres wide and a few long, just small enough to fit in your pocket without you noticing too much. Don’t weight yourself down with a paving slab sized chunk of granite is what I’m saying here, it needs to be small enough to hardly┬ánotice but big enough so that when you put your hand in your pocket you know it is there. 1cm deep by 2cm wide by 3-4cm long is roughly what mine is.

Now that you have your rock you just need to make it into a fully fledged Gratitude Rock.

rocks-1408556When you get home, and you have a few minutes to yourself, sit down and relax and hold your new Gratitude Rock tight in your fist. Then begin to think of all the things you are grateful for. Family, Friends, a car, a beautiful bag, pets, love, happiness, your home, your new TV, health, life, a job, food on the table, books, music, art…. anything at all that makes you happy in your life. Repeat this process every morning when you reach over and pickup your Gratitude Rock from your bedside table, just take a minute and be grateful for what you have in your life. Pop it in your pocket and whenever you touch it or remember it is there throughout the day, it will remind you of all these wonderful things you have in your life.

Hopefully your Gratitude Rock will change your mindset the way it helped me change mine and once it has done you can go and find another Gratitude Rock and give it to someone you care about and explain to them how it works.

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